Aurora Borealis - Blue Stone w/Pentagram

Aurora Borealis Blade
  • Classic Dagger Style
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Nylon Cord Wrapped Handle
  • Total Length: 7.5"
    • Blade: 4.5"
    • Handle: 3"
  • Full Tang
  • Blue Glass Stone embellishment
  • Total weight approximately 4 oz
  • Pommel adorned with Tibetan Silver Pentagram
  • Very sharp - use with caution

The Aurora Borealis effect on this blade is created by fusing titanium dioxide powder which is ionized and bonded to the blade forming a permenant metal coating. The blade reflects different colors depending on the angle that light hits it, causing it to change colors as it moves.

All MydnytBlu Athames are cleansed with Moon Water and Consecrated using traditional Wiccan Rituals.

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