Black Walnut Crystal Wand

Handmade Crystal Wand
10+ Inches
Hand Carved Black Walnut
Tapered End
Brazilian Crystal Point Tip
Wrapped in Leather
Slight Texture Carved Into Wand
Beautiful Pieces
Will be carefully packaged in sturdy box
Handmade by MydnytBlu

Magical properties: Black walnut wands are well used in magics of teleportation, astral travel, weather working, averting lightening, powers of the wind and breath, and motivation.

Planet: Sun, Jupiter
Element: Fire, Earth, Spirit
Colors: Black, Green, Brown
Gender: Masculine, Feminine
Powers: Mental Powers, Infertility, Health, Wishes, Abundance, Motivation.
Deities: Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Vashaan, Vishnu

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