Maple Crystal Wand Carved 10 Inches Handmade buckskin leather

Handmade Crystal Wand
10+ Inches
Hand Carved Maple Wood
Tapered End
Brazilian Crystal Point Tip
Wrapped in Leather
Slight Texture Carved Into Wand
Beautiful Pieces
Will be carefully packaged in sturdy box
Handmade by MydnytBlu

Maple conducts and stores energy exceptionally well. (The high mineral content which gives Maple its characteristic sheen also contributes to its energetic properties.) Maple is ruled by Mercury. Magickally, it is versatile and forgiving and is said to contain both masculine and feminine energy. Known as the "traveler's wood," Maple aids in many spells including healing, communication, learning, creativity, beauty and abundance.

Materials: Carved Wood Crystal Wand

Only 1 available

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