Tonka Beans


Tonka Beans only grow in the Amazon Rain Forest and they are close to impossible to get, especially from the current harvest. They are harvested in the Amazon forest on the Orinoco River. The Haba Tonka season is only in March, when they are gathered and dried so they can be available past their harvest. These beans have a sweet vanilla cinnamon smoky spicy aroma and their scent is unlike anything you have experienced. It is intoxicating. Their formal name is Dipteryx Odorata.

Our Tonka Beans are gathered by a local family in Venezuela every March. Maria and her children harvest the fruit from the floor of the Amazon rain forest every season, remove the husks, and then dry the almond like seeds found inside.

Tonka Beans are widely used in Hoodoo, Voodoo, and other magickal practices and are also greatly prized by perfume makers and European confectioners. They cannot legally be used as food in the USA because, if taken in large doses, they are toxic.

This item is for ritual use only and must not be consumed in any manner, in any quantity, for any reason.

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