Florida Water


Genuine Florida Water

  • Cobalt Blue 3 Ounce Glass Jar with Black Lid
  • Cleansed under the full moonlight.
  • Each jar is embellished with a gemstone.

Since the early 1800s, Florida water has become well known for its amazing citrus smell and strong cleansing properties. It has been called the most popular perfume in the world and is most well known as the fountain of youth water. It was actually named after the legendary Fountain of Youth located in St. Augustine, Florida. Its base ingredient is alcohol with essential oils added which include lemon, orange and lavender oil. It was said it could cure a headache or fever and became the go-to elixir.

It has a strong history of use with Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria and Wiccan practices. Some have replaced Holy Water with Florida Water. You can wipe down all the items of your altar with this water and it will cleanse any negative energy and clear items. It has been used to remove heavy vibrations. It has an unusual calming affect, can clear the air of static or interference prior to reading, and used with a red attraction candle to attract love or unblock obstacles.

When using this water for cleansing mix with basil to anoint floors, windows to allow positive energy and protection. Use this water on yourself to cleanse and rid you of any negative energy. After a bath, dab some on your pulse points for an increased feeling of balance. Since this product is alcohol based, please do not use this product near open flame. I also offer a Florida Water spray to cleanse and bring peace to an area such as your bedroom, home, work place or anywhere you spend time.

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