Black Water


Black Water

  • Cobalt Blue 3 Ounce Glass Jar with Black Lid
  • Each jar is embellished with a gemstone
  • Often used in hoodoo with strong Haitian roots

Black Water is very potent and is used to forcefully remove negativity from your life. It is also used to empower darker spells like jinxes and curses. Black Water dates back to the 16th century. Waters and washes are an integral part of hoodoo and several other earth-magic beliefs. They are a simple and potent way to make the ritual of cleaning a home with magic. Black Water also known as auga negra is used to wash the outside of your home, deck, porch, windows and doors and places a barrier of protection. Just as black salt or red brick dust, those who intend to cause us harm may not pass. Lay your salt or dust after the Black Water has dried for an extra layer of protection. Black Water has also been used in hoodoo similar to War Water.

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