Mystery Witchcraft Box, Large

Mystery Witchcraft Box
Alter Supplies and Witchcraft Items
Retail Value will be minimum of $100, most likely much more

Each mystery box is different and I will pack upon order. We have many wonderful items in our shop and I have included pictures of what some of the items may be. There will be approximately 6-10 quality items in each box.

Your box will include items such as handmade wands, jewelry, spells, boxes, chalices, incense, resin, ritual supplies, candles, self care, oddities, crystals and more.

If you look through my store, you will get an idea of what type of quality products you will receive.

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While this kit comes with detailed instructions, there are no guarantees of the outcome. I provide the tools and you provide the intent and magic.

Materials: witch mystery box

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