Horned God Altar Kit - Intermediate - Wiccan w/Viking Runes - 12 Piece Set

$70 $85

Horned God Intermediate Altar Kit with Viking Bone Rune Stones

Included in Kit: 12 piece set ($140 value for $70) - only 5 available

- Altar Box - Celtic Knot 4x6 Mango Wood Carved Heavy Box
- Altar Tile - Solid Metal SilverPlated Pentacle Horned God 3 Inches
- Chalice - Silver Plated 3.5 Inch Tall Blue Glass Heavy Metal Intricate Design
- 2 Altar Candles - Black and Metallic Gold
- Altar Candle Holder - Black Ceramic with White Pentagram
- Athame - 9 Inches Heavy Stainless Steel Athame / Black Wood Handle with Green Horned God Celtic Glass Embellishment - with Leather Sheath (may not snap due to embellishment)
- Carved Bone Rune Set in Blue Velvet Drawstring Bag 25 runestones including one blank
- Tiny Book of Shadows with Viking Rune Embellishment
- Tiny Cast Iron Cauldron 3x2 inches Heavy
- Altar Cloth - 12x12 Inch Satin hemmed edges
- Altar Oil - 30ml Colbalt Dropper Vial with Hand Mixed Oil (MydnytBlu's original recipe altar oil)
- Wiccan Rede, Altar Instructions, Spells, 2020 Pagan Calendar, Wheel of the Year, Step by Step Petition Magic, Protection Jar Instructions,

(each line item above counts as one item even though there are multiple items on some lines)
Excellent Intermediate Set - Makes Perfect Gift - please see pictures for closer detail

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