Celtic Altar Kit (AKIT-1055)
Celtic Altar Kit (AKIT-1055)
Celtic Altar Kit (AKIT-1055)
Celtic Altar Kit (AKIT-1055)
Celtic Altar Kit (AKIT-1055)
Celtic Altar Kit (AKIT-1055)
Celtic Altar Kit (AKIT-1055)

Celtic Altar Kit (AKIT-1055)

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Triple Moon Altar Kit - Great for Beginners or Intermediate Practitioners - comes with Wiccan Rede, Altar Instructions and 23 Spells and Rituals

Included in Kit: 15 piece set
- Altar Box - Celtic Chest Mango Wood 10" x 6" x 4 " Metal Brackets and Hasp Heavy Piece Celtic Knot
- Cauldron - Cast Iron with Triquetra 3" x 2.75" measured without handle - tripod legs, lid and handle
- Silver Goddess Candle - 3" x 2.5" Pillar Candle Covered in Silver
- Gold God Candle - 3" x 2.5" Pillar Candle Covered in Gold
- Chalice - Vintage Large 6 Inch Copper Tarnished made in Spain from 70s
- Altar Tile - 5 Inch Celtic Knot (matches carved chest) Carved in Mango Wood - also can be used as a stick incense burner
- Candles - Four random color soy chime candles 4 inches
- Smudge Stick - California White Sage 4 Inches Handmade
- Medium Brazilian Quartz Crystal Point
- Chime Candle Holder - White Ceramic with Pentagram
- Incense - Dragons Blood Cone 10 Pack
- Athame - 11.5 Inches Celtic Short Sword - Intricate Celtic Design on handle and sheath
- Charm - Tibet Silver Pentagram Charm approximately 1 inch
- Incense Burner - Multicolored Clay with Metal, Mirror and able to burn cone or stick incense
- Vegvisir Clay Amulet Pewter and Black Handmade

The following items will be emailed via downloadable PDF file link within 48 hours of purchase.
- Step by Step Guide to Petition Magic
- Altar Set Up Examples - Wiccan and General
- The Wiccan Rede - Long Version
- The Wheel of the Year
- 2020 Pagan Calendar
- Detailed Listing and Use of Altar Tools
- Instructions for House Protection Jar Spell
- 23 Spells
- Protect Your Home from Unfriendly Spirits
- Gypsy Money Drawing Spell
- Connect with a Deceased Loved One
- 20 Various MydnytBlu Unpublished spells

Excellent Deluxe Set - great set for beginners and Intermediate - Makes Perfect Gift