Sea Witch Altar Kit
Sea Witch Altar Kit
Sea Witch Altar Kit
Sea Witch Altar Kit
Sea Witch Altar Kit
Sea Witch Altar Kit
Sea Witch Altar Kit
Sea Witch Altar Kit
Sea Witch Altar Kit

Sea Witch Altar Kit

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Sea Witch Altar Kit

This Sea Witch Altar Kit was Hand curated by MydnytBlu. It includes Altar Instructions, Spells, 21 Unique Items relevant to the Sea and more!
Only 6 created - these will not last!
Over$230 Value

  • 4" x 6" x 3" Oak Altar Box
    • Adorned with seashells and turquoise glass
    • Pewter textured finish
    • Metal hinges
    • Tight fitting Lid
  • Handmade Driftwood Wand
    • Horn Shell
    • Witches Yarn and Leather
    • Quartz Crystal Point
  • 11" Ice Dagger
    • Double sided stainless steel athame
    • Heavy Brass accents
    • Clear Glass Acrylic Textured Handle
    • Leather sheath (not pictured)
  • Large Conch Shell
    • approximately 7-10 inches
    • Split Back Garden Variety
  • Vintage Chalice
    • 4" tall
    • Vintage, Made in Spain circa 1975
    • Naturally tarnished silver plate
  • Sea Witch Salt Glass Jar
    • Course Dead Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt
    • Medium Scalloped Glass Jar with
    • Tight Fitting Glass Stopper
    • Topped with Pewter finsihed Seashell, Turquoise Glass Stone and Tibetan Silver Pentagram
    • Tied with Witches Yarn
  • Cowrie Divination Set
    • White Cowrie Shells
    • Instructions on Teal Paper
    • Packed in Blue Velvet Pouch
  • Glass Candle
    • Birchwood Scented
    • Adorned with Witches Yarn
    • Blue Metallic Metal Lid with Clear and Turquoise Glass Stones
  • Small Vial Necklace
    • Light Blue Speckled Potion Bottle with Beads
    • Adjustable Rope Necklace
    • Can be used as a diffuser
  • Purple wooden incense boat
  • Package of 20 HEM "Moon" incense sticks
  • Package of 20 HEM "White Musk" incense sticks
  • White Sage Torch - 3-4" Fresh California White Sage
  • Small Organza Bag of Tiny Sea Shell Mix 50+ shells
  • Medium Organza Bag with Medium Sea Shell Mixture - 15+ shells
  • Aqua Sea Glass - Organza Bag filled with 10+ pieces of Aqua Sea Glass
  • Green/Clear Sea Glass - Organza Bag filled with 10+ pieces of Green/Clear Sea Glass
  • Selenite Gemstone Block
  • White Large Candle Consecrated and Cleansed
  • Sand collected from the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico
  • Pink Murex Shell - approximately 3-4 inches
  • Horn Shell approximately 3-4 inches

Much care and creativity went into this Altar Kit. There are only six available and can only be found exclusively at MydnytBlu.

Added bonus - Comes with a link to Downloadable Documents

  • Step by Step Guide to Petition Magic
  • Altar Set Up Examples - Wiccan and General
  • The Wiccan Rede - Long Version
  • The Wheel of the Year
  • 2020 Pagan Calendar
  • Detailed Listing and Use of Altar Tools
  • 25 Original Spells created by MydnytBlu printable for your Grimoire

This kit is excellent for beginners (as it comes with instruction), intermediate and for advanced practitioners.

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