Gaia Altar Kit


Gaia Altar Kit

Includes 13 Unique Items plus spells and instruction

  • Altar Box - 8x5x4 Tree of Life Box with Purple Velvet Lining - Yellow Cedar - Metal Hinges
  • Wand - Naturally shed white tail deer antler with quartz crystal point wrapped in leather
  • Chalice - Small 4 inches - vintage made in the 70s in Spain
  • Smudge - White Sage Smudge Stick 4 inch wrapped in red, yellow and pink rose petals
  • Athame - 6 inch Alder wood handle - brass and stainless steel - comes with sheath (not shown)
  • Candle - 3 Inch glass birchwood candle tied with jute with copper metallic lid with tree of life triple moon emblem in bronze
  • Quartz Crystal Point - large 2-3 inch from Brazil
  • Cauldron - cast iron oval small 3 inch x 2 inch with 4 legs
  • Ritual Jar - 3.5 inch glass jar filled with 11 herbs, seashells, crystals, river rocks and more - adorned with hemp, burnt orange glass and celtic knot - jar for home protection and comes with scrolled ritual to perform on your own home
  • Incense Cones - Forest, HEM 10 cones in box
  • Incense Sticks - Sweetgrass, HEM 20 sticks in octagon box
  • Incense Burner - 5 inch round ceramic handpainted burner - burns sticks or cones
  • (Rose not included)

Much care and creativity went into this Altar Kit. There are only six available and can only be found exclusively at MydnytBlu.

Added bonus - Comes with a link to Downloadable Documents

  • Step by Step Guide to Petition Magic
  • Altar Set Up Examples - Wiccan and General
  • The Wiccan Rede - Long Version
  • The Wheel of the Year
  • 2020 Pagan Calendar
  • Detailed Listing and Use of Altar Tools
  • 25 Original Spells created by MydnytBlu printable for your Grimoire

This kit is excellent for beginners (as it comes with instruction), intermediate and for advanced practitioners.

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