Witch's Apothecary Ritual Box w/Spells

Witch's Apothecary Compartment Box

The following items fit perfectly in each compartment and are included with purchase
  • 11.75" x 8" x 2" Black Pine Box with Hinged Glass Lid
    • 10 Individual Compartments
    • Metal Hasp
    • Bronze Corners
    • Pentagram adorning lid
  • Multicolored Resin Incense Burner
  • Six Thick Spell Candles 4 Inch Red, Gray and Black (2 of each)
  • Jezebel Root - many large pieces freshly dried
  • Candle Holder Ceramic White with Pentagram
  • Candle Holder Ceramic Blue with Gold Stars
  • Sugar Gum Dried Pods
  • Devil's Head Pods
  • Money Cowrie Shells
  • Nine 4.5 Inch Rusty Iron Nails with Printed History - 130 Years Old
  • Silver Leaf Boline/Athame Folding
  • Book of Shadows Keychain
  • Witches Ladder Kit with Scrolled Instructions
  • One Inch Silver Plated Brass Bell
  • Two Inch Terracotta Dried Flower Candle
  • Link to 100 Altar Rituals in pdf format
  • Dragons Blood Cone Incense from Hem
Added bonus: Will come with a link to my altar documents which include 25 spells, instruction and more

While this kit comes with detailed instructions, there are no guarantees of any outcome. I provide the tools and you provide the intent and the magic.

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