Celtic Altar Kit w/Spells, 17 Items

Celtic Altar Kit
Included in Kit: 17 piece set
  • Altar Box
    • 6x4x3 Oak Box
    • Embellished with Pewter and Purple Metallic Paint
    • Handmade Clay Vegvisir (Viking Compass)
  • Gold God Candle
    • 3" x 2.5" Pillar Candle Covered in Gold tied with black witches string
  • Altar Tile - 3" dark wood with gold pentacle inlay
  • Candles - Four random color soy spell candles 4 inches
  • Safe Travels Charm Bag - coin, sea shells, mixture of travel herbs
  • Spell candle holder - gold fairy star
  • Charm - Tibet Silver Pentagram Charm approximately 1/2 inch
  • Incense burner - rainbow resin with gold accents for cones or sticks
  • Incense - Hem cones - chosen randomly
  • Athame - 6 inch Stag Engraved all metal with belt clip
  • Bell - small with black witches string
  • Rowan Wand
    • Topped with black onyx sphere
    • Finished with brown leather
    • My Rowan was imported from Scotland and is the original tree of life
  • Palo Santo Stick - ethically sourced from South America
  • Witch's Ash
    • glass jar with pine and aspen ashes
    • From the MydnytBlu Mountain in Colorado
  • Candle color chart and meanings
  • 123 Bonus Spells
  • Altar Documents include:
    • Step by Step Guide to Petition Magic
    • Altar Set Up Examples - Wiccan and General
    • The Wiccan Rede - Long Version
    • The Wheel of the Year
    • 2020 Pagan Calendar
    • Detailed Listing and Use of Altar Tools
    • Instructions for House Protection Jar Spell
    • 23 Bonus Spells
    • Protect Your Home from Unfriendly Spirits
    • Gypsy Money Drawing Spell
    • Connect with a Deceased Loved One
    • 20 Unpublished Original MydnytBlu Spells


This kit is excellent for beginners (as it comes with instruction), intermediate and for advanced practitioners.

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