Candle Snuffer Black Pentagram


Black Metal Candle Snuffer Bell Shape - Swivel Hinge Copper or Purple Polymer Clay Decorations - you pick Pentagram Copper or Purple Embellishment Well made and sturdy Two to choose from, or I can make you a custom order if you like of a color or charm of your choosing. Just message me and I can accommodate. Candle Superstitions: Some believe that if you blow out the candle, all acts prior will be unattached. Therefore, many use the candle snuffer to extinguish the candle instead of blowing it out. Another superstition is if you inhale a small bit of the smoke of an extinguished flame for stronger affect. You should never let your candles burn down and die out on their own. If you do so, a sailor will die at sea. In the practice of witchcraft, many practitioners will allow their candles to burn down and out to release their spell to the air. This is different than neglecting a candle until it burns out because the burn out is intentional and done with purpose. If a candle burns blue, it is said that means a ghost is present. It is unlucky to light a group of three candles for anything but a religious observance. Traditionally, three candles would be lit for the writing of a will, hence the death association and ill-luck. It is said that if you want to see who you will marry, you should light a candle and leave it to burn. Your future mate will come along and blow it out.

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