Element Candles and Holders - Ceramic Handmade by MydnytBlu - Set of Four as shown


Four Element Spell Candles
Marked with Alchemy Symbols and Signs
Four candle holders with two markings - one one each side of holder
Four candles - one of each color
Comes with appropriate color candle with each of the holders
Fire/South (red), Air/North (yellow), Earth/East (green), Water/West (blue)
I designed and made these candle holder sets and you cannot get anything like this anywhere else.
I designed them because I have a need to use these and hope you can find use for them too.
These candles are low drip and made from vegetable and soy base
Soy/Vegan Candles
Please see all pictures for front and back angles

These candles have been created using environmentally friendly ingredients. I have worked with a production partner overseas and have had the candles analyzed. Each candle is made from soy vegan wax and a cotton wick. They produce no black smoke and provide a cleaner eco-friendly and safe experience. This candle is designed by MydnytBlu and can only be found with this brand.

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