Charm Bags Lot of 5


5 Small Charm Bags Each Charm Bag Contains the Following: Coin, Sea Shell, Sea Glass, River Stone, Quartz Crystal, Patchouli, White Sage, Mugwort (Black Sage), Palo Santo Chips, Moroccan Rose Buds, Yerba Santa I make each batch to order or the freshest strength. Charm bags have been used for centuries within many traditions. They have been called mojo bags, spell sachets, nanchon bags and more. These bags are intended for a good purposes. These bags will be charged once I make them and they will be ready for your intended use. When you personalize each bag, write your wish on a small piece of paper and place it inside the bag, then either keep it on your person until your wish comes true or give it to the intended recipient and instruct them to keep it on their person until their wish comes true. Namaste MydnytBlu

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