Athame/Dagger - Damascus Steel Walnut and Brass Handle 10 Inches


Beautiful Athame - Excellent Altar Piece One of a kind hand tooled piece Damascus Steel Blade Athame Blade m- Full Tang - One Piece of Metal Throughout The Blade of this knife is 1095, 1043 and 15N20 high steel true layers. Blade has given heat treatment and rock well hardness of the blade is HRC 60 Rockwell Hardness. Heat Treatment, Edge Holding and Retention Amazing Altar Piece Handle is made of tinted walnut wood and brass Thick Solid Brass on Handle and Pommel Athame is 10 Inches, Blade is 5.5 Inches, Handle is 4.5 InchesDamascus Very heavy knife - weighing over 1 pound. Feels great in grip. Leather Sheath with Extra Thick Leather, Strong Stitching. This sheath can be worn on a belt or kept on an Altar. This Athame is extremely sharp. Please be careful when handling.

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