Athame/Dirk - Celtic Knot, Purple/Blue, Celtic Knot


Beautiful Small Athame - Excellent Altar Piece Choice Between BLUE or PURPLE Stone This particular Athame is in pristine condition and has a stainless steel blade. Athame comes with a sheath to keep it protected. This Athame measures 7.25 inches total and the blade is 3.25 inches. See all pics for more detail. Bronze Metal Accents. Purple or Blue Faceted Stone on Handle/Pommel - which mirrors the once used cairngorm stones used in ancient Ireland and Scotland. Celtic Knot Symbols on Handle and Sheath of Knife. Sgian Dubh (Skeen' Doo) with the translation being black knife. This type of knife is small and was originally hidden in the folds of the tartan and in modern days it is inserted in the top of the Irish kilt. Well balanced knife weighing approximately 3 ounces. Feels great in grip. Scottish Dirk Boot Knife Style. Beautiful piece. This knife is extremely sharp. Please be careful when handling.

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