Celestial Spirit Board


Celestial Spirit Board / Ouija Board

  • Approximately 15" x 15"
  • Made from thick MDF Wood
  • Felt Lined 4" diameter Planchette
  • Celestial Artwork Displayed on Top of board
  • Laminated with vibrant color
  • New, never used, original packaging

For hundreds of years (documented as far back at the 1100's) Ouija Boards (aka Talking Boards or Spirit Boards) have been used as a toll for communication with the dead. The seekers hold the planchette and are guided by the spirits across a board containing letters, words and numbers in order to form a message to the living. This board is square and made of thick material, has never been used and in the original box. The planchette is about 4" in diameter, has a felt bottom for a smooth guide, and has a hole in the bottom for seeking individual words, numbers and letters.

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