Ouija Board


Spirit Board / Ouija Board Approximately 15x15 made from thick MDF Wood Board Created by Nemesis Now Felt Lined Planchette Included Standard Ouija Artwork Displayed Top of board laminated and vibrant color New, never used, original packaging I believe this board was made between 1996-1997 For hundreds of years (documented as far back at the 1100s) Ouija Boards (aka talking boards) have been used as a communication tool with the dead. The seekers hold the planchette and are guided by the spirits across a board containing letters, words and numbers in order to form a message to the living. This board is square and made of thick material, has never been used and in the original box. This board displays Lisa Parker's rendition of a beautiful wolf with blue eyes. The planchette is about 4 inches and has a felt bottom for a smooth guide, has a hole in the bottom to seeking individual words, numbers and letters. I was gifted my Aunts inventory from her metaphysical store that she closed in the late 90's as she chose to spend future traveling.

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