Ogham Stave Divination Set


Corresponding Ogham Stave Divination Set

Celtic Ogham Staves is an ancient Celtic alphabet consisting of 20 characters or symbols that correspond to a specific tree. These staves are approximately 1.5 inches each and each symbol has been carved on it’s corresponding wood. This is no easy task and many of the wood was imported from Ireland to ensure these staves are accurate in every way. Staves are used for divination and connect the power from specific trees with the spirits of the green world. They hold magical qualities and are burnt with each corresponding symbol for that tree.

This set of Staves comes with a Celtic Ogham Chart.

Reading staves is not as difficult as one might think, it is very similar to Tarot but is dated back to the 8th Century. Many people keep their staves in a pouch and when they have a question in mind they reach in the pouch and pull out three staves. Some use more, some use less. When reading the answer from your staves, refer to the Ogham symbol chart to obtain the guidance you seek.

This set is not easily acquired and we are proud offer, but product is limited and difficult to restock.

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