Cowrie Divination - Faces of the Dead

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MydnytBlu's Faces of the Dead Cowrie Divination Set

  •  MydnytBlu Exclusive - Only Found Here!
  • Large Purple Cowrie Shells in a colored velvet pouch 
  • Comes with scroll instructions.

These RARE purple cowrie shells have been hand selected and naturally have faces / skulls on them. In South Africa these cowrie shells are known as Faces of the Dead and are excellent in use with divination.

Cowrie Shells have been used for centuries by people in the Caribbean, West Africa and South America. They have been adopted by Wicca, Voodoo and Hoodoo.

This is a set of Cowrie Divination with 13 Hand Chosen Purple Cowrie Shells, a small velvet pouch and instructions on how to read these remarkable shells.


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