Archangel Sigil Stones


Archangel Sigil Stones

  • Set of Four
  • Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael
  • Engraved Black Tourmaline Filled with Gold Resin
  • Large Stones - shaped as palm or worry stones
  • Velvet Pouch

Uriel is the Guardian of the North and Element of the Earth, Keeper of Prophecy, Angel of Nature, Visions and Instruction.

Raphael is the Guardian of the East and Element of the Air, Keeper of the Tree of Life and Healing Powers, Angel of Love, Joy and Laughter.

Gabriel is the Guardian of the West and Element of the Water, Patron of Messengers, Angel of Resurrection, Mercy and Peace.

Michael is the Guardian of the South and the Element of the Fire, Chief of the Archangels, Angel of Justice, Strength and Protection.

These Altar Stones are made to enhance your ritual work.

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