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Scrying Set
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Scrying Set

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Scrying Divination Set
Box: Vintage Carved Altar Box, Heavy Walnut Wood - Extremely well made, 6"x6"x3.75" height, Tree of Life Symbol on top, Unique Shaped Box
Pentagram charm bracelet with star dangle
Gemstone Pendulum on Silver Plated Chain with Silver Pentagram Dangle (gemstone may vary)
Small Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror
Pentagram Disc
Elder Futhark Rune Stones made with polished river rocks
Velvet Bag for the Rune Stones (color will vary - purple, blue, black)

The Tree of Life represents a fresh start on life, positive energy, a bright future and good health. It is also a symbol of immortality, as a tree grows old, bears seeds that contain its essence, therefore a tree becomes immortal. The tree of life is a strong symbol of growth and strength.

The Tree of Life uses all elements - Fire, Air, Water and Earth all combine forces to create the power of the Tree of Life.