Tarot Deck - Wandering Spirit


Sometimes even the darkness and sadness comfort us. Taking the form of a skeleton and a girl as symbols of depression and empathy, this tarot card deck was created to provide you with comfort on your journey, even in the hardest of times. The Wandering Spirit Tarot contains all 78 Major and Minor Arcana, 4 bonus cards, 135-page guidebook with upright and reverse interpretations, and sturdy magnetic storage case. Initially released through Kickstarter and fully funded in less than five minutes, the deck is now available to the general public. The size of the cards are standard for ease of incorporating Wandering Spirit with other decks. The cards are 120 mm × 70 mm (2.75” × 4.76”) and printed on sturdy 300 gsm high quality paper. Images printed with high quality magnetic ink, gold foil stamping, matte gold edge, and rounded corners.

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