Handcrafted Clay Glass Altar Jar Black with Silver Heart Red Stone Dangles Skull with Cork Glass Stone Top


Handcrafted Clay and Glass Altar Jar
One of a Kind
Clay Over Glass Jar in Matte Black with Rope Clay Embellishments
Silver Colored Embellishment with Skull, Broken Heart and Red Glass Stone Dangles off Chains
Hand painted with a Green Metallic Highlights
Cork Topper with Black Glass Stone
Excellent use as an apothecary jar - will hold liquid as inside is glass jar
All of the clay has a raised textures and painted detail
One of a kind
Handmade by MydnytBlu
4.5" width x 9.5" height
Genie Glass/Clay Jar with Sealed Lid

Perfect for spells that call for liquid, reusable
One of a kind
Made by MydnytBlu

Cleansed, consecrated, and decorated by hand, this beautiful bottle is ready and waiting for whatever crafty concoction you have to fill it up.

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