Home Protection Jar w/Ritual


I have made these ritual jars to rid your home of negativity and protect the ones that dwell within from the same.
Negative energies are among us all and it is always a good idea to do what is possible to protect yourself and your family.

Included in this ritual kit is:
-Glass Jar Adorned with clay, glass and celtic knot filled with protection herbs and salts
-Jar is 4 inches tall
One scrolled protection from negativity ritual spell on burnt parchment giving clear instructions how to use tied with the witch's thread.
One black candle for the ritual
Explanation of which herbs used and why
Packed in a sturdy box to ensure it arrives to you safely.
These will make excellent gifts.
One of a kind Hand Made

Sending positive energy to you and yours.

While this kit comes with detailed instructions, there are no guarantees of the outcome. I provide the tools and you provide the intent and magic.

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