Mahogany Crystal Wand

Handmade Crystal Wand
  • 10+ Inches
  • Hand Carved Mahogany Wood
  • Tapered End
  • Brazilian Crystal Point Tip
  • Wrapped in Leather
  • Slight Texture Carved Into Wand
  • Beautiful Pieces
  • Will be carefully packaged in sturdy box
  • Handmade by MydnytBlu

The Mahogany Tree
Mahogany is a luxurious hardwood valued for its straight grain and luscious, reddish-brown color. Mahogany conducts vibration well, which has historically made it a favorite wood for fine musical instruments. It has a deep, warm, energetic tone that matches its rich color.

Spiritual growth, guidance, and strength are the magickal properties of Mahogany. Mahogany is a sophisticated, balanced wood—imbued with energies of both Earth and Fire—and seeks a magickal partner who is equally well-rounded.

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