Black Walnut Crystal Wand


Handmade Crystal Wand
10+ Inches
Hand Carved Black Walnut
Tapered End
Titanium Blue Coated Crystal Point Tip
Wrapped in Leather
Wrapped in Blue Wire
Slight Texture Carved Into Wand
One of a kind
Tree of Life Glass Embellishment
Will be carefully packaged in sturdy box
Handmade by MydnytBlu

Magical properties: Black walnut wands are well used in magics of teleportation, astral travel, weather working, averting lightening, powers of the wind and breath, and motivation.

Planet: Sun, Jupiter

Element: Fire, Earth, Spirit

Colors: Black, Green, Brown

Gender: Masculine, Feminine

Powers: Mental Powers, Infertility, Health, Wishes, Abundance, Motivation.

Deities: Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Vashaan, Vishnu

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