Signature of Samael Basswood Hand Painted 8 Inches Plaque Wall Hanging One of a Kind

Signature of Samael with his name written in Hebrew
Known as the "left hand" or "poison of God"
Husband of Lilith
Responsible for the Plague in Egypt that killed first-borne male children
"Creeping Death"
Hand Painted Handmade
Sealed with Clear Acrylic
Teal, Purple and Blue Color Shift
Hand Cut Basswood Slice with Bark Intact
Approximately 8 Inches
One of a Kind

Basswood is sacred to the Greek Goddess Aprhodite and the Celtic Goddess Arianrhod, Goddess of the Stars and Queen of Heaven. Some associate this with the Celtic Tree of Life. Basswood is related with the element of Air.

Materials: Samuel Signature plaque

Only 1 available

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