Brigid: The Exalted One

Brigid: The Exalted One - A Journey into Irish Mythology


In the mystical tapestry of Irish mythology, one figure stands out like a radiant flame: Brigid, also known as Bríg. She is a goddess of multifaceted talents, revered by poets, healers, and artisans alike. Let us delve into the rich history and captivating mythology surrounding this exalted deity.

Origins and Lineage

Brigid emerges from the ancient pantheon of the Tuatha Dé Danann, a race of divine beings in pre-Christian Ireland. Her parentage is illustrious: she is the daughter of the mighty Dagda, the Father of Ireland. Brigid’s lineage connects her to wisdom, poetry, and healing, making her a bridge between humankind and the otherworld1.

Triple Goddess?

The domains over which Brigid reigns have sparked speculation that she might be a triple goddess. Cormac’s Glossary, penned by Christian scribes in the 9th century, describes her as the “goddess whom poets adored.” Brigid’s influence extends beyond mere mortal affairs; she is associated with:

  1. Wisdom: As a “woman of wisdom” or sage, Brigid imparts her insights to those who seek enlightenment.
  2. Healing: Brigid the physician tends to the wounded and ailing, her touch a balm for suffering souls.
  3. Smithing: Brigid the smith wields the hammer and anvil, shaping metal into exquisite forms1.

Guardian of Domesticated Animals

Brigid’s guardianship extends to the animal realm. She is the keeper of oxen—Fea and Femen—from whom the plains of the River Barrow and River Suir derive their names. These creatures cry out when plundering occurs in Ireland, emphasizing Brigid’s protective role1.

Mythological Episodes

Brigid’s mythos weaves through captivating tales:

  1. Keening for Ruadán: When her son, Ruadán, falls in battle, Brigid begins the custom of keening—a haunting blend of wailing and singing. Her grief echoes across the ages.
  2. Inventor of the Night Travel Whistle: Brigid’s ingenuity extends to practical matters. She crafts a whistle specifically for nocturnal journeys, guiding travelers through darkness1.

Christianization and Saint Brigid

The transition from pagan to Christian Ireland brings an intriguing twist. Saint Brigid, celebrated on February 1st during the festival of Imbolc, shares many attributes with the goddess. Some argue that the saint is a Christianized version of Brigid, while others believe that the lore of the goddess seamlessly merged with the saint’s legacy. Either way, Brigid’s flame continues to burn brightly, transcending time and belief systems1.


Brigid, the exalted one, dances at the crossroads of ancient myth and modern reverence. Her legacy endures—a beacon of wisdom, healing, and creative fire. As we explore the verdant hills of Irish folklore, let us honor Brigid, the luminous thread connecting past, present, and eternity.

May her light guide our steps, and may her name echo through the ages.


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