• As Strong as Iron (Hoodoo Protection Ritual)

    Railroad spike, Iron Strong, Protect my Home all year long.
  • The Shield Knot ⌘

    The Shield Knot ⌘ is also called the looped square, Bowen knot, heraldic knot, and true lover's knot.  It is a symbol consisting of a square with o...
  • Old Romani Cure for Depression

    The Romani philosophy was that depression attracts depression similar to a vibration.  They would ward off depression by playing light joyful music...
  • Gypsy Names

    Did you know that each Gypsy had three names?The first name was a secret name that was whispered into the baby’s ear by the mother immediately afte...
  • How Gypsies Find Peace Within Death

    The dying will never be left alone, someone always will be sitting next to them.  They will socialize and never discuss or show emotion on the impending death.
  • Gypsy Spell - Activate Money 

    Got any spare change?
  • Selene – Goddess of the Moon

    Just in case you aren't already moonstruck......
  • BOS, now what?

    OK, I bought a nice journal for my BOS, now what? 
  • Lucky Days & Fatal Days

    Found in: Encyclopedia of Superstitions, Folklore, and the Occult Sciences of the World, originally published in 1903  LUCKY DAYS January: 6 days ...
  • What are Widdershins?

    Some days everything just goes widdershins....
  • What is the Wiccan Rede?

    Wicca is one of myriad Pagan Religions that exist.  This is the Wiccan Rede (long version) as published in 1974 in the neopagan magazine Earth Reli...
  • Self-guided meditation

    Finally, A Test You Will Want to Take