Introduction to Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is for anyone that wants to connect with other realms and their personal spiritual side.  Lucid dreaming allows you to be conscious within your dreams and seek and find important information to assist with your manifestation and spells.  

What is Lucid Dreaming
To the average person, dreaming happens during their night sleep, can slightly remember the dream when they awakened, and the fuzzy memories fade throughout the morning.  Lucid dreaming is when you can view and use your dreams in a form of divination and enlightenment leaning on your subconscious to retain the answers you desire. It is also a form of adventure, excitement and enlightenment.  Lucid dreaming is considered conscious dreaming, where you know you are in a dream, and can act accordingly rather than just going along with the ride.  Most can only remember the last dream they had, or garbled parts of it.  The average person goes into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep 4-5 times a night, sometimes more.  During the REM sleep, you are dreaming.  This is the reason that perhaps your dreams are so garbled when you wake, your conscious brain is remembering some of each of your dreams and can make no sense of it, as there are no rules in dreams and if your brain cannot comprehend it, it will purge the information.  This is how we have been conditioned.

Beginning your Journey of Lucid Dreaming
Step one would to be to write down your dreams as soon as you wake.
Learn how to lucid dream for beginners: one tip is to write down your dreams!  The best way to do this is to begin a dream journal.  At the beginning when you wake and you do not remember what you have dreamed about, write down how you feel or what you are thinking upon waking.  This will trigger dream recall and it is a new form of conditioning that will help you begin to remember finer details of your dreams.  You will see, as time goes on, remembering and being able to journal your dreams, more and more.  The more you write, the more you will recall, and the more conscious will become in your dreams.  You are training your mind to remember, and your brain will create this new habit, if and only if you consistently write in your journal each morning.
The next step is prior to sleeping, think positive thoughts, do not think of the stress of the day, most importantly go to sleep with an open mind and see where it takes you.  After time you will be able to think of an answer or solution you wish to accomplish in your dream, and you will be able to achieve it.  Dreaming is simply tapping into part of your brain that you normally do not use. 
The final technique when learning to lucid dream is go into a meditative state with no interruptions.  Think deeply of dreams you had when you were a child.  Reflect as to why they are important enough to remember.  Focus on why you knew those were dreams and not reality.  Try to remember in more detail about those dreams that have stayed with you all those years.  A lesson was in those dreams that you have not yet realized and the reason you still remember, is you are not finished with that memory.  Try and piece together possible meanings and what you were trying to communicate to yourself.  Now think of any recent dreams you may have had and what your message to yourself in those dreams could have been.
Journal those thoughts and experiences. 
This will be your first step to lucid dreaming.  Practice for a few months.  

What’s to Come Next
I will soon write a blog on how to go anywhere, do anything and speak to anyone, dead or alive in your dreams.  I will also touch base as to how lucid dreaming and astral travel go hand in hand.
So stay tuned and definitely bookmark my blog.

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