Magic or Magick?

Magic is referred to as a magician's card trick or making things disappear; as a form of entertainment.

Magick and/or Witchcraft, however is also misunderstood. It is not the devil's work, it is not forcing the unnatural to happen.

A bit of background: The word Magick was created by a famous British occultist Aleister Crowley, who was one of the founders of Wicca. He made the addition of the 'K' to the end so not to be confused with magicians or entertainers.

Magick / Witchcraft can be explained as follows:

Magick is not forcing your will on others (make someone fall for you, money to fix your car, revenge on someone, a new house, etc). Magick is when you use the powers of the universe, the elements, the gods and goddesses to focus your true will. Magick is when you listen to your inner voice, trust your instincts, know always what is the right choice. Fate is what you can expect when you put no effort into your actions. Destiny is when you take your fate in your own hands and looking deeper into why something is or is not happening for you. Asking why are you not relationship material, rather than making an ex come back into your life. Asking why cant you keep a job, why are things always going wrong for you? When instead what you should be asking is how can you improve, how you can call on the forces around you to see your clear path. How can you change your destiny? This is when things happen. When you see deeper than your current wants and needs. When you manifest your own destiny and take control of your life.


We have the tools and instructions to show you how. Step by step, you can become a stronger force, more confident, less reliant person that knows their own true power. You can learn to understand how to work with the universe and utilize its power instead of working against it.

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