Old Romani Cure for Depression

The Romani philosophy was that depression attracts depression similar to a vibration.  They would ward off depression by playing light joyful music or go out of their way to spend time with happy people.  Other remedies included walking to the top of a hill to rise above your problem, look down on roads, homes, cars and people would make for a better perspective.  The Romani people were known for always being optimistic, and if that did not always work they would use this age-old cure for depression.

Peel several cloves of garlic and place them in a shallow bowl and pour white vinegar over the cloves to where they are partly immersed.  Set this saucer by your bed while you sleep.  It is said that the garlic will turn pink when it absorbs negative energy.  The next morning, bury the garlic and do the same ritual the next night, for a total of 5 nights. 

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