The Full Wolf Moon: January 6, 2023

The Full Wolf Moon: January 6, 2023, at 4:08 PM MST

As the sun and moon oppose each other on the first full moon of 2023, it brings such a sense of excitement and relief to our energy. The FIRST full moon of 2023, how lucky are we to be here? This full moon is in Cancer, which means… an emotional release. This explains the energy surrounding us while we feel all of the emotions, happy, excited, overwhelmed, and grateful. This full moon is  special, not only are we in Cancer, but it’s the Full Wolf Moon. The nickname of this full moon derived from packs of wolves that would howl under the moonlight in this winter lunation.

If you are working on many projects like me during this time, it’s the time where many come to an end or are taking a turn in change. As things change and come to a close, I want to reflect on how successful or unsuccessful things have been. While I am extremely proud of the successful goals that have been accomplished, I also want to take this time to reflect on the ones that were not successful and turn them into lessons learned. Reflection is not an easy thing, but the first step to reflection is recognizing we are not perfect, and if we are not changing, we are not growing.

As this new year has ascended onto us, we let go of our old baggage and  choose to leave it behind. The Full Moon features Mercury reversing in Capricorn, the centaur Chiron in Aries, and Uranus reversing in Taurus. It’s a wonderful time to take advantage of this transitional period by casting a money spell, banish unwanted diagnoses, clear your home, manifest a new job or business to improve your career path.

As all wolves and other creatures wake up from their slumbers and as the days grow longer, let’s continue to deeply self-reflect and improve internally on all levels.  As I am surrounded daily by beautiful herds of deer, mother nature makes me incredibly grateful to live in such a beautiful place and to have the ability to find serenity in every day life.

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