The Full Worm Moon: March 7, 2023

The Full Worm Moon: March 7, 2023, at 5:42 AM MST

As we anticipate the final full moon of our winter season, we can see the Full Worm Moon fully illuminated at 5:42 AM MST and we are excited! As beautiful as this Full Moon will be, what a weird name! The Full Worm Moon derived its name from the worms and beetle larvae that emerge this time of year, as spring emerges, and the ground warms up a bit. This moon also is a reminder for us to start planting our seeds and preparing for an exciting spring season.

The March Full Worm Moon is extremely powerful as it brings endings and new beginnings like any other full moon, but this month is closing the chapter on the pending Karma in your life. With that to think of, pour your energy into deciding on those pending decisions you have been putting off on making, and allow life to take you where it needs to. During this moon you might also feel a lot of emotion and redirection on your path. If you truly embrace these changes during this important time of year, you will feel a wholeness you have not felt in a long time.

If we are lucky enough and a little bit of rain comes, we might even be able to see the rare moonbow. This solar rainbow is lit, not by sunlight, but by moonlight. You will most likely see this when the moon is low in the sky, right after the sun sets.

With this full moon in Virgo, it will coincide with Neptune, Mercury, and the Sun – bringing us practicality. For Virgos out there, this full moon offers a reset. For others, it can mean a time of emotional release, a push for change or a focus on self-care. Whatever sign you are, just go with the feeling and embrace the turn into this exciting new corner. Regardless, now is the time to break free of whatever it is that is weighing you down!

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