The Eye of the Tiger

The Tiger Eye Gemstone

The Eye of the Tiger is much more than a catchy and inspirational 1980's rock anthem.  It is a state of mind that elicits fierceness, bravery, courage, and valor.  The Tiger's Eye gemstone is named for it's resemblance to a cat's eye and for the iconic orange and brown striped pattern that is characteristic of the stone.

The Sciency Part:

Tiger Eye (Also called Tiger's Eye) is a gemstone in the quartz family that is characterized by alternating golden, red-brown, yellow, or orange stripes running through the stone in alternating layers.  It is a metamorphic stone, which means that is created inside a volcano when layers of different molten rocks pile up on top of each other under tremendous heat and pressure.  It exhibits a trait referred to as chatoyancy, which means that no matter what direction light strikes the surface there is a reflective line that runs perpendicular to the stripes in the stone, which is what gives it the appearance of an animal's eye.  The base stone is quartz crystal and the stripes often include other minerals and metals such as iron and titanium dioxide.  Tiger's Eye is found all over the World including Australia, Burma, India, Namibia, South Africa, the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea and Spain. MydnytBlu imports Tiger Eye gemstones from Australia. 

The Witchy Part:

The Tiger's Eye is believed to carry with it the values of its namesake: The Tiger.  It promotes boldness, vitality, and courage.  In Africa it is often used as a ward against Black Magic and many Eastern cultures regard it for it's healing properties as it is believed to reduce anxiety and stress replacing these emotions with confidence, clarity, and decisiveness. It is known to repel negativity, attract good luck, and to promote clarity, insight, and focus. Roman soldiers were known to carry Tiger's Eye into battle believing it would banish fear and bring protection from harm. 

Wear a Tiger's Eye bracelet on your left hand to help create a courageous outlook on life. Worn as a pendant on a chain keeps the stone close to your heart where it can bring calmness and peace in the face of intimidating situations.

Carry the crystal in your pocket or purse so that you will have a ready token that you can tap into for a boost of confidence and reassurance whenever you might need it such as when you are approaching a conversation that is likely to be confrontational or intimidating such as a family dispute or a job interview.  The stone will bring a dose of emotional support, confidence, and courage.

A stone strategically placed in your home within easy sight serves to remind you to stay committed to your course even in the midst of adversity.  Like the Tiger, you are bold and fearless and nothing can stand in your way.

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