What the Futhark??

The word ‘Rune” is derived from the Proto-Germanic word runo (Old Norse run "a secret, magic sign, runic character," and from PIE ru-no-, source of technical terms of magic in Germanic and Celtic  and Gaelic run "a secret, mystery, craft, deceit, purpose, intention, desire" 

These alphabets were often used by Celtic and Norse Tribes for communications and rituals intended to be kept secret from outsiders (like those pesky Greeks and Romans who were always nosing around) who would be mystified by the meanings and uses of these symbols.

The earliest recorded Runic Alphabets date back to the 1st Century AD and Elder Futhark is thought to be the oldest Germanic Version.  The word Futhark is simply derived from the first 6 characters of the alphabet “f” “u” “þ” “a” “r” “k”.  The names and meanings of these 6 Runes, in order, are:

  • Fe (Fehu) – Cattle/Wealth
  • Uruz (Ura) – Wild Ox (Aurochs)/Water
  • Thurs – Giant (Also refers to the God Thunraz)
  • Ansuz – God (specifically Wodinaz)
  • Raido – Ride/Journey
  • Kaunan - Ulcer

The modern interpretation of þ”(Thurs) is “th” giving us the word “Futhark” in exactly the same manner as a keyboard layout is referred to as “Qwerty” because the first 6 letters on the keyboard are “Q W E R T Y ”.

Runes have a very diverse usage in many different magical practices.  Anything that needs to be written, inscribed, or otherwise carved using words can be done using Runes.  For example, the Lord’s Prayer can be written using Old Norse Futhark Runes as follows:


Likewise, Runes can be written or inscribed onto bay leaves or candles in conjunction with spell casting.  Here is an example of the Rune Fehu (Wealth) drawn onto a bay leaf which will then be burned as part of a Prosperity Ritual.

One very common use for Futhark Runes is the Art of Divination.  Rune Stones are tiles are created from various materials including wood, stone, crystal, or metal and then inscribed with one Rune on each tile.  The result resembles a handful of Scrabble™ tiles and functions the same way as a Tarot or Oracle Card Deck.  There are many methods used for casting and reading your Rune Stones (in exactly the same manner as there are many ways to lay out a Tarot deck) ranging from a single Tile pulled at random from a bag to tossing the entire handful of Tiles all at once and then interpreting the resulting pile.

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