Sea Witch Altar Kit - 18 Items - spells, instruction and more - Large Kit

Sea Witch Altar Kit - 18 Items - Altar Instructions, Spells and more
Only 12 created - these will not last!

Sale $130- Over $230 Value

This Sea Witch Specific Altar Kit was Handmade by MydnytBlu
It Includes 18 Unique Items to Celebrate the Sea

- Altar Box 4x6 Inch Light Oak adorned with Sea Shells, painted with Pewter and Purple Metallic Paint and Turquoise Pentagram
- Glass Jar adorned with Glass Sea Colored Stone and Wrapped in Witches Thread - Filled with Course Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt
- Two thick white 4 inch candles and two spell candles in shades of sea blue
- One Palo Santo stick - ethically sourced
- Irish Sea Scallop Shell - about 4 inches
- Amber Rose Incense Sticks (20 count)
- Large Triple Moon Goddess Wooden Incense Stick or Cone Burner with Hinged Lid
- Small resin and glass oil vial with tassel floral design
- Large Spiral Cut Shell Silver Troca
- Large Brown Shell Melongina
- Rainbow Athame 7 Inches with Sea Glass Embellishment
- Dark Blue with Golden Stars Spell Candle Holder Ceramic
- Cast Iron Cauldron - 3x2 Heavy
- 4 Inch Sage Smudge Stick
- Mixture of over 20 random white shells
- Cowrie Divination Rune Set with Instructions
- Link to 100 rituals and spells by MydnytBlu

Much care and creativity went into this Altar Kit. There are only twelve available and can only be found exclusively at MydnytBlu.

As an added bonus - this Altar Kit comes with a link to Samhain Specific Downloadable Documents
- Step by Step Guide to Petition Magic
- Altar Set Up Examples - Wiccan and General
- The Wiccan Rede - Long Version
- The Wheel of the Year
- Dead Supper Instructions
- 2020 Pagan Calendar
- Detailed Listing and Use of Altar Tools
- 25 Spells - many Samhain Specific - printable for your Grimoire

This kit is excellent for beginners (as it comes with instruction), intermediate and advanced practitioners.

While this kit comes with detailed instructions, there are no guarantees of the outcome. I provide the tools and you provide the intent and magic.

Materials: Sea Witch Altar Kit

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