MydnytBlu Spell Candles

$10 $16
MydnytBlu Spell Candles - Soy
Chime Candles/Spell Candles
20 Colored Spell Candles + 2 Bonus Gold and Silver Candles
Package of 22 Total
2 Each of: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green, White, & Black
1 Gold Candle & 1 Silver Candle - White Candles dipped in REAL gold and silver!
4 Inches Tall, 1/2 inch diameter
MydnytBlu Brand - found only at MydnytBlu
Each package comes with a candle chart
Soy Candles - Unscented
In clear clam shell packaging with label
Makes an Excellent Gift
These candles are heavy - approximately 9 ounces per package. I charge actual shipping.

These candles have been created using environmentally friendly ingredients. I have worked with a production partner overseas and have had the candles analyzed. A copy of the analysis is included in the pictures of this listing. Each candle is made from soy vegan wax and a cotton wick. They produce no black smoke and provide a cleaner eco-friendly and safe experience. This candle is designed by MydnytBlu and can only be found with this brand.

Introducing MydnytBlu Spell Candle Brand

Black - this color is associated with banishing, transition and rest. This color will absorb negative energy, reverse a bad habit or close a chapter in your life. This color will is also associated with protection.

Red - this color is associated with love and vitality and will draw these attributes to you and will aid with providing strength in any charm. Red candles draw fresh energy.

Yellow - this color is associated with the power of the mind and the Element of the Air. This color can enhance communication, intuition and focus. This color is also good for inspiration or new ideas.

Blue - this color is associated with the Element of Water and brings peace and patience. This color is gentle but powerful and works best on resolution and emotional healing.

Green - usually associated with money and abundance. This color is used for prosperity and luck.

Orange - this color is associated with individuality, strength, ambition and creativity.

Purple - this color is associated with power, authority, ambition and wishes. Purple is also used in astral travel and to strengthen your connections in different realms.

Pink - the color of emotion and self love. This color is associated with emotional healing, sensuality, self-love and attracting the love of others.

White - this color is a symbol of spirituality and is associated with Lunar and Goddess workings.

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Soy Chime Candles

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