10 Soy Spell Candles - Pick Color 4 Inch Ritual Chime

MydnytBlu Spell Candles - Soy
Chime Candles / Spell / Ritual Candles
10 Candles - Same Color - You Pick Color
Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Lavender, Red, Black, Wine, Pink and Orange
Soy Candles - Unscented

These candles have been created using environmentally friendly ingredients. I have worked with a production partner overseas and have had the candles analyzed. A copy of the analysis is included in the pictures of this listing. Each candle is made from soy vegan wax and a cotton wick. They produce no black smoke and provide a cleaner eco-friendly and safe experience. This candle is designed by MydnytBlu and can only be found with this brand.

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