Crystal Wand Springbok Horn Quartz Crystal Tigers Eye 14 Inches

African Springbok Horn Large Quartz Crystal Wand
Filled with Mugwort (Black Sage)
Extra Large Quartz Crystal Point
Tigers Eye Stone in Gunmetal Setting
Black Leather
Male Springbok Horn
Total Length (measured around the curve) is 14 inches
Very Large Wand
One of a Kind
Weight is 13 ounces
All Natural Materials
Perfect Altar Tool or Gift
Beautiful Piece
Handmade with Care


Most view that crystal wands are associated with magic. We have heard about them in countless fairy tales and folklore. They have become famous throughout history, but there is much deeper meaning to the crystal wand. Crystal wands can be in any shape, form or size. Most pick their wand because they feel an unexplained connection with such wand. If you sense this type of connection, you have found your wand.

Wands are used to focus energy, from inside yourself and from the energy around you. My wands are designed by my hand but using only natural materials from the earth which includes quartz crystals, other gemstones, sea glass, leather, feathers, river stone, driftwood, earthy clay and more. Wands not only focus energy but they are believed to emit energy, clear negativity and beam energy onto oneself or others.

Thank you for looking at my wands. They were all made with positive energy and care.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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Quartz Crystal,Wand,Springbok Horn

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