Cascarilla & Dragon's Fire Gift Set


Cascarilla & Dragon's Fire Gift Box

  • Gift Packaged
  • 2 - 20 ml Vials Cascarilla Powder (Eggshell Powder) with cork
  • 2 - 20 ml Dragon's Fire (Self Igniting Dragon's Blood Resin) with cork

Cascarilla Powder has been used for generations in the South mostly with Hoodoo and Voodoo. It is finely ground eggshells and it is referred to as Peace Powder. It is one of the more powerful ingredients in witchcraft, keeping the peace and protecting homes. It can be used as a dusting powder on your body as protection and act as a shield during psychic work. Many use in the corners of their homes to keep dark shadows of evil out. Some use it dissolved in water to create a floor bath, and draw symbols on windows and floors to enhance the protection. It is also used to draw Veves or Sigils used in Nordic and European Magick. It will also work well with any other type of ritual symbol. It can be used as black salt or red brick dust as a barrier protection powder.

Dragon's Fire is my own mixture of powdered Dragon's Blood Incense that is designed to be used for protection, banishing and purification. Use a small amount of this powder in your spells in your cauldron or smudge shell to magnify your work. Apply flame to it and it will burn and frequently spark. This magical powder is made with herbs, resin, oils and a bit of magic. A little goes a long way.

Makes an excellent gift!

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