Witch's Ash

Witch's Ash
From MydnytBlu Mountain in Central Colorado Mountains
Pine and Aspen - all natural
Burned in a Moss Oak Fireplaces in my cabin (pictures above)
Glass Octagon 4 ounce jar with black screw cap lid topped with a turquoise glass stone
Tied with black witches thread and a pentagram charm

Witch's Ash represent Air, Fire, Water and Earth. They represent change, union movement, purity, energy and transformation.
These ashes can be used for potions, casting circles, anointing tools, inks, dressing candles, protection and more.

These ashes are pure and will be a wonderful base for any ritual or spell to give more energy.
These ashes have been charged under a full moon.

I have included a picture of the forest that provided the dead wood and my fireplace that transformed it.

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