Crystal Infused Blood Moon Wolf Eclipse Water


Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Water. 3 ounce blue glass jar with gemstone and Om charm. Crystal Infused (crystal in water when collected & crystal in each jar) Limited quantity available - cannot collect this water again for 18 years. I charged my fresh spring water in this moonlight on January 20-21, 2019 during a clear sky in Westminster, Colorado. The Full Wolf Moon or Full Snow Moon was named by the Native Americans. This is a time to prepare for the Spring Equinox called Imbolc (Imbolg) which is a festival marking the beginning of spring. The Spring Equinox will happen on March 20, 2019 and is the time for purification and new beginnings. Blood Moon - A lunar eclipse is when the moon passes into the Earth's shadow, and a total lunar eclipse is called a Blood Moon. The entire moon enters the darkest part of the Earth's Shadow. Supermoon - When the moon is in it's full phase and it is at the closest to earth it can be. Wolf Moon - This is the first full moon of the winter, and received this name because wolves tend to howl on this full moon commencing their breeding season. This moon is also called the Ice Moon, Old Moon, Snow Moon and the Moon after Yule. Total Lunar Eclipse - This is when the Moon passes directly behind the earth and into its shadow. This can only occur when the Sun, Earth and Moon are exactly aligned with the each other. A total lunar eclipse can only occur on the night of a full moon.

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