Candle Magic Ritual Kit w/Witch's Needle

Candle Magic Ritual Kit
In this kit you will receive the following:
  • One Witch's Needle
    • Handmade from a South African Porcupine Quill
    • Brazilian Quartz Crystal Point
    • Wax Melt Texture in Pewter and Black
  • One Set of 22 MydnytBlu Spell Candles
    • 2 each x 10 colors
    • One Silver Candle
    • One Gold Candle
  • Complete Instructions on how to create your own rituals using Candle Magic
    • Includes Sigils and Color Chart
    • Includes Links to my Herb and Gemstone Grimoire
  • One Ceramic Candle Holder
  • One Tiny Eyedropper Vial of MydnytBlu Altar Oil
I hope you enjoy your Candle Magic Ritual Kit!
Blessed Be

While this kit comes with detailed instructions, there are no guarantees of the outcome. I provide the tools and you provide the intent and magic.

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