Starter Altar Kit - 24 Items - plus spells, instructions and more

$160 $230

This Samhain Specific Altar Kit was Handmade by MydnytBlu
It Includes 31 Unique Items to Celebrate the Sabbat

- Altar Box Bronze metal on wood Triple Moon Goddess
- Witch's Ash - Hexagon Glass Jar with Glass Stone Embellishment filled with Witch's Ash Pentacle charm - represents all four elements
- Herb Vials Large (three)- 30 ml glass herb vials with corks - labeled - Random Herbs chosen
- Herb Vials Medium (four) - 15 ml glass herb vials with corks - labeled - four total - Random herbs and salts chosen
- Brazilian quartz crystal point (two)
- Resin Vegvisir with Runes Altar Tile 8 Inches Handmade Purple and Black
- Water Buffalo Hand Carved Rune Stones - with Instructions and velvet pouch
- Palo Santo stick incense (20 sticks) made by Hem
- Dragon's Blood Incense Cone by Hem
- Small Black or Blue Wooden Carved Box
- Incense burner - Tibet Silver Tree of Life Stick or Cone burner - also works as altar tile
- Candles - ten spell candles - blue
- Athame - Binding Rune Protection black handled stainless steel 6.5 inches
- MydnytBlu Storm Water Crystal Infused
- 4 Inch White Sage Smudge
- 4 Inch Scallop Shell for Burning Sage
- Vegvisir Decorated Metal Tin Painted Blue
- Graveyard Dirt - from 140 Year old Cemetery in Cripple Creek Colorado

Much care and creativity went into this Altar Kit. There are only six available and can only be found exclusively at MydnytBlu.

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