Protection Kit - Iron Spike, Annointing Oil and Copper Indian Head Penny


Rusted Iron Railroad Spike from the 1950s -1970s
One Copper Indian Head Penny from 1890s - 1910s
One Blue Colbalt Glass Dropper Jar with Handmade Altar Oil
One Scroll with Link to Detailed Instructions
Used as a protection kit
Each kit contains one of each spike, oil, scroll and penny
Order as many kits as needed
Shipping will self calculate - heavy spike

Use each spike and penny for each corner of your property - historically, you are to drive the spike into the ground, place the penny on top and either pee on them or pour urine on top. It is said this will lock your property down to prevent being uprooted by mortgage company or landlord. Voo Doo and Hoo Doo history, but used in current witchcraft.

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