Pan Statue, Wicca


Large 10 Inch Pan Statue

  • 2.5 Pounds
  • Cast Resin Finished in Bronze
  • Hand painted

Ideal for Altar use - These will not last!

In Ancient Greek mythology, Pan is the God of the Wild, Shepherds and Flocks, Nature of Mountain Wilds, Rustic Music and Impromptus, and Companion of the Nymphs. His hindquarters, legs and horns are of a goat, similar to a Faun or Satyr. Pan's homeland is Arcadia and is also recognized as the God of Fields, Groves, Wooded Glens and sometimes affiliated with Sex. Based on his connections, Pan is associated with Fertility and the Season of Spring. The word Panic was derived from Pan's name. Similar to other Gods of Olympus, Pan possessed enormous strength, he could run for long periods of time and was impervious to injury. He could transform objects into other forms and was able to teleport himself from Earth to Mount Olympus and back.

In Wicca, the God is seen as the masculine form of divinity, the polar opposite, the equal to the Goddess. The God is traditionally seen as the Horned God, an archetypal Deity that links directly to the Celtic Cernunnos, English Folkloric Herne the Hunter, Greek Pan, Roman Faunus and Indian Pasupati.

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